inspire me no. 1

So I’m enrolled in a program with the International Center of Photography; Imagemakers for young adult photographers and let me tell you all the people around me are so talented it’s sometimes hard to breathe! Their images are absolutely stunning, later on when I know them better I’ll definitely ask some of them to scan them and put them up here, it would be an improvement of the over-all quality of work on the internet.

Anyway, our assignment for the first day of class is self-portraits. Since we’re working in film I thought I’d share with you the things I’m looking at for inspiration (this will be a regular occurance) from Annette Pehrsson, who I find is fabulous in both color and B&W, digital and analogue.




I found this video on the Hairpin  and can’t get enough! It’s titled The Evolution of Woman ‘s Image Over Time. It’s a really interesting look into the way aesthetics change, sometimes flawlessly transitioning from one to the other and other times swinging in the opposite direction.

Some people find fault with the spotty, shaky way it’s made but I kind of love it. Also,  female Russian producer, you know, it’s becoming even more and more obvious how many wonderful people Russia can produce.

My favorite looks are the Egyptian woman the moment before the eyeshadow gets super-heavy, the medieval forest-green outfit when the neck thing is right below her chin, the poufed-up pre-revolutionary France blonde, and the soft curls and makeup of the 40s girl (after the flapper look). Which ones do you like the best? Do you wish we still dressed some of these ways?


wish i could draw

I have ALWAYS wished I could draw; I find paintings and all kinds of art so intriguing, yet my abilities don’t even extend to tolerable stick figures. Which is why I satisfy my cravings through museum visits and the stalking of blogs (and purchase of pictures) (okay,one) (by my mother for Christmas) like Krisatomic’s. Wishing my life was these gorgeous pastels.




alison scarpulla

I found her photographs on Miss Moss and fell in love. The desaturated colors, the burning of the film, the etheral, eerie feel; it’s phenomenal. I’ve been keeping her portfolio in my mind CONSTANTLY since I saw it.

I’ve been reading a lot of Sharon Shinn this week (splendid fantasy) and some of these photos are, to me, what magic must look like brought to life. Don’t you think?


color punch

I kept scrolling back to this picture, I can’t get enough! Is this not the most fabulous coat? The color, the cut, I’m in love. And the simple white shirt, the perfect high-waisted, amazing blue cuffed jeans? Perfection! Wouldn’t you love to wear this on a perfect fall day?



photos by Vanessa Jackman

wish i lived here

The site How I Met Your Style is fabulous, they take “intimate portraits” of super-stylish bloggers. Some of these shots from their homes are so gorgeous, I just wish I could have these things in my house. I’m a big believer in environment being inspirational; I feel like if I lived in these houses I would be writing & shooting all the time.

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hello hello!

Hello blogosphere!

This isn’t my first attempt at a blog but hopefully it’s my last! I just want a place to collect my inspirations, things I fall in love with, and share them with others!

Hope you like it!

(Wow, that’s just exlamation points all around. Crazyness.)