I found this video on the Hairpin  and can’t get enough! It’s titled The Evolution of Woman ‘s Image Over Time. It’s a really interesting look into the way aesthetics change, sometimes flawlessly transitioning from one to the other and other times swinging in the opposite direction.

Some people find fault with the spotty, shaky way it’s made but I kind of love it. Also,  female Russian producer, you know, it’s becoming even more and more obvious how many wonderful people Russia can produce.

My favorite looks are the Egyptian woman the moment before the eyeshadow gets super-heavy, the medieval forest-green outfit when the neck thing is right below her chin, the poufed-up pre-revolutionary France blonde, and the soft curls and makeup of the 40s girl (after the flapper look). Which ones do you like the best? Do you wish we still dressed some of these ways?



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